Studi Perilaku Kontrol Asma pada Pasien yang tidak teratur di Rumah Sakit Persahabatan

· Asthma

Priyanto H, Yunus F, Wiyono HW. J Respir Indones. 2011;31(3):138-49.

Background : Regular visit to doctor for asthma controlling management is an important process to observe the development of asthma therapy and symptomps improvement in every patient. Regular visit managed every 1-6 months based on asthma severity. For those who were not capable of conducting regular visit to asthma clinic in Persahabatan Hospital, we need to identify their reason, recent condition, therapy, controlling behaviour and underlying factors .
Method : Cross sectional study with secondary data from medical record of asthma clinic Persahabatan hospital and collecting recent data from patient who failed to visit asthma clinic for at least last 6 months between November 2008 to April 2009
Result :  From 102 subjects, only 17,5% patient still managed regular visit to doctor outside Persahabatan Hospital. The most common reason are inappropriate time due to working and studying (46%) and willingness to visit only when the symptomps rised (18%). Peak Expiration Flow (PEF) capability decreased from their last visit by median (325 to 280; p<0,05). Bivariate analysis shows that regular asthma controlling behaviour is related to patient asthma knowledge ( p = 0,007 ; OR = 6,682) and recent controlled asthma condition is related to regular asthma controlling behaviour (OR = 3,681), appropriateness of drug doses and  types (OR = 2,917), correct usage of MDI ( OR = 2,87) and exposure o cigarette smoke ( OR = 0,4).
Conclusion : Mostly the reason of irregular visit are inappropriateness of service time due to working hour and patient missunderstandings of asthma controlling concept. Patient’s asthma knowledge of controlling behaviour and asthma therapy need to be intensively enhanced to prevent untreated asthma and decline of lung function.

Keywords : asthma, controlling behaviour

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