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Levels of Exhaled Nitric Oxide in Controlled and Uncontrolled Asthma based on Asthma Control Test in Persahabatan Hospital

Ni Made Restiawati, Faisal Yunus, Ratnawati. Abstract Background : Exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) is recognized as reliable surrogate marker of eosinophilic airway inflammation in asthma patient and offers the advantage of being completely non-invasive and easy procedure. Methods : This cross-sectional comparative study involves 96 asthmatic subjects which then classified into two main categories : […]

Association Between Vitamin D Level with Asthma Control Level, Lung Function, Interleukin-10 and Interleukin-17 in Persistent Bronchial Asthma Patients

Rina Lestari, Susanthy Djajalaksana, Harun Al Rasyid Abstract Background : Vitamin D deficiency is hypothesized to play a role in increasing incidence of asthma. Vitamin D has a role as an immunomodulator in asthma. Current research on vitamin D and asthma hasn’t been studied in adult asthma in Indonesia. The aim of this study was […]

Oxidative Stress Study: Malondialdehyde Levels and Superoxide Dismutase Activity in Minimal and Advanced Lesion Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Yunita Eka Wati, Nunuk Sri Muktiati, Triwahju Astuti Abstract Background : Oxidative stress plays an important role in pathogenesis of many diseases. Many studies established free radicals involvement in pulmonary TB progression. Currently clinicians use chest X-ray to describe extend of lesion in pulmonary TB and administered first category antituberculosis drug for minimal lesion pulmonary […]

Streptomycin and Incidence of Hearing Loss in Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis Patients in Dr. Moewardi Hospital

Reviono, Widayanto, Harsini, Jatu Aphridasari, Yusup Subagio Sutanto Abstract Background: Multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB) is known as threatening and challenging community health problem worldwide. Treatment of MDR TB is difficult because it needs higher cost, longer treatment period, and more adverse events than drug-sensitive TB. Hearing loss is a major adverse event due to […]

Development of Treatment Plan for Infants with Acute Respiratory Infection in Integrated Health Care for Maternal and Infant in a Sociocultural Context

Prasenohadi, Rini Sekartini, Hervita Diatri, Enie Novieastari Abstract Background : Acute respiratory tract infections (ARI) are a leading cause of death both in infants and children under five years of age. ARI has a characteristic of a pandemic, nevertheless has received less attention and it needs to be addressed among all sectors. Indonesia has a […]

Tracheostomy in Post Tuberculosis Tracheal Stenosis with Tracheal Stent Granulation

Nur Janah, Menaldi Rasmin, Boedi Swidarmoko Abstract A 31 years old pregnant woman with 28 weeks gestation age admitted to hospital with chief complaint of worsening dyspnea within 1 week. She has been living well with tracheal stent since 2007 due to post tuberculosis tracheal stenosis and now with acid fast bacilli negative. Bronchoscopy evaluation […]

Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis

Jamal Zaini Abstract Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillorsis (ABPA) is a hypersensitivity disorder induced by a fungus Aspergillus fumigatus in the lung, although the precise mechanism need further exploration, this clinical entity mostly found in difficult asthma or cystic fibrosis with the prevalence around 7-18 % in asthmatics and 5-10% in cystic fibrosis. The diagnosis is based […]