The Effect of Educational Background, Stress, Parents, Friends and Advertising on Smoking Behaviour Among Students at Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta


Musdalifah, Setijadi AR. J Respir Indones. 2011;31(4):203-9.


Introduction: Smoking is a global health problem and Indonesia has the 3rd largest number of smoker in Asia. Smoking behaviour in college students is more often found. Medical college students should avoid smoking behaviour and support anti smoking campaign. Objective of this were determine the infuence of education background (faculty of medicine and nonmedicine), stress, parents, friends, and advertising on smoking behaviour among college students.
Methods: It was cross sectional observational analysis. Questionnaires data of 240 male students from medical and nonmedical faculty were collected. We used multiple logistic regression for analysis, 95% CI,a=O.O5.
Results: The medical student current smokers were 44.2% and nonmedical were 46.7%. Smokers who had life problems were 74.3%. There were 56.9% smokers who had no smoker parents. When close friend offered a cigarette, 79.8% smokers would take it. Smokers knew cigarette advertising from television 63.3% and from newspaper 67.0%. The analysis showed there was signifcant correlation between friends and smoking behaviour, p=O.OOO. Education background did not correlate signifcantly to smoking behaviour, p=O.219. Stress, parents, and advertising also did not correlate signifcantly to smoking behaviour.
Conclusion: Smoking behaviour closely related with friendship. Education background as medical student did not alter smoking behaviour.
Key words: Education background,stress,parents,friends,advertising,smoking behaviour

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