Multidrugs Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) Treatment with Short Term Regimen

· Lung Function

Tamam Anugrah Tamsil, Arifin Nawas, Dianiati Kusumo Sutoyo

MDR-TB is a major public health concern in several countries. The results of PMDT have not been impressive with the proportion of successfully treated MDR-TB patients in most countries below 60% and the proportion of loss to follow-up and failure were high. Recommended treatment regimens are very long, often poorly tolerated, and difficult to monitor. The short-course MDR-TB treatment with total treatment duration 9-12 months, based on a fourth-generation fluoroquinolon combined with other second-line drug and supplemented by potentially still active first-line drug, was highly effective in developing country were resources are limited, with treatment success above 85%. The WHO support the use of short-course treatment regimen for MDR-TB under the terms and expected it can be use as an alternative treatment to improve the quality of PMDT. (J Respir Indo. 2014; 34:109-21)
Key words : MDR-TB, PMDT, short-course treatment regimen.

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