Correlation of Quality of Life Assessment and Prognosis Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patient with CAT, SGRQ and BODE at Persahabatan Hospital Jakarta

· COPD, Lung Function

Tri Agus Yuarsa, Faisal Yunus, Budhi Antariksa

Background : The health status is very important aspect in the evaluation of COPD management. St George’s respiratory
questionnaire (SGRQ) is one of the tools to evaluate health status associated with quality of life in COPD that consist of symptoms,
daily activity and impact of COPD. Currently COPD assessment test (CAT) is being develop to simplify the COPD questionnaire
which consist of 8 questions related to COPD symptom and disease condition, whereas BODE index (body mass index, obstructive
of airway, dyspneu, exercise capacity) has been develop as a multidimensional scale that have the correlation with survival and
vulnerability of COPD.

Methods : This is a cross sectional study conducted to evaluate the correlation of CAT, SGRQ and BODE index in stable COPD. All
patients were evaluated for CAT, SGRQ and BODE index, pulmonary function test (spirometry) and MMRC dyspneu score and 6
minutes walking test.

Results : Of 85 subjects, 100% were male with mean age of 68.27 years, moderate Brinkman index and moderate-severe COPD.
The mean SGRQ were 88.01 with BODE index on quartile II and quartile III. There were correlation between CAT and SGRQ and
BODE index related to quality of life and prognosis of COPD. (r = 0.495 for CAT (mild relation), r = 0.208 (weak correlation with
SGRQ)). Weak correlation between CAT and SGRQ in relation to quality of life of COPD with r = 0.181.

Conclusion : SGRQ has better performance to assess quality of life, health status and disease severity in COPD compare with
CAT.(J Respir Indo. 2013; 33:8-16)

Keywords :CAT, SGRQ, BODE Index.

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