Risk Factors of Nonpneumonia Acute Respiratory Infections among Underfive Children in Magersari Health Center, Magelang Capital

· Lung Infection

Ema Fiki Munaya, Sri Tjahyani Budi Utami
Departemen Kesehatan Lingkungan Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Indonesia

Background: National health data showed that the incidence of acute respiratory infections (ARI) increased every years. In 2013, Central Java Province was the seventh position with the highest number of patients with acute respiratory infection (ARI). The incidence of ARI nonpneumonia during 2011-2013 in the city of Magelang as well as in the Village Health Center Magersari always increase which most of are under five children . This study aims to determine how big the risk factors of physical quality of the home environment (type of floor, roof, walls, extensive ventilation, residential density) and indoor air pollution (presence of smokers in the home, using anti-mosquito, cooking fuel in the house) to nonpneumonia ARI incidence of under five children in the working area of Magersari health center, Magelang, Central Java in 2013.
Methods: The Research design was a case-control study by each sample for 50 under five children. Case were under five with nonpneumonia ARI diagnosed by Megersari Health Center doctors, whereas control were underfive children which not diagnosed with ARIs.
Results: There is a significant correlation between the type of floor (p=0.000 and OR 15.881), the type of roof (p= 0.000 and OR 13.500), the type of wall (p= 0.000 and OR 17.484), residential density (p= 0.000 and OR 12.250), the presence of smokers in the house (p= 0.003 and OR 4.205) and cooking fuel (p=0.000 OR 11.29) and the occurence of nonpneumonia ARI.
Conclusion: There were significant relation between the type of environment physical quality and indoor air pollution with Nonpneumonia ARI’s occurence among undervive children. (J Respir Indo. 2015; 35: 19-27)
Keywords: nonpneumonia ARI, polution, physical, environment, underfive children.

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