Prevalence of Asthma Based on ISAAC Questionnaire and Relationship with The Factors that Affect Asthma Among Junior High School in Intensive Regional Population at West Jakarta 2008

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Zulfikar T, Yunus F, Wiyono WH. J Respir Indones. 2011;31(4):181-92.

Introduction: Asthma prevalence is increasing in all part of the world including Indonesia. This research to know asthma prevalence of 13–14 years old children in West Jakarta in 2008. To know relationship between asthma prevalence and wheeze, night cough, asthma in the last 12 months, physical exercise, atopy (rhinitis and eczema), history of breastfeeding in early life, and familial history of asthma.
Methods: Cross Sectional Study were doing by reviewed 2080 subject 13–14 years old in West Jakarta using ISAAC questionnaires. The results was analyzed with Pearson Chi Square test using SPSS 16.0.
Results: The asthma prevalence in 13–14 years old children in West Jakarta 2008 was 13.1%. Prevalence of rhinitis and eczema respectively 16.4% and 3.9%. There is statistically signifcant correlation between wheeze and atopy. We also found signifcant statistical correlation between familial asthma history and prevalence of asthma in children. This study did not fnd signifcant statistical correlation between asthma prevalence and history of breasfeeding in early life.
Conclusion: The asthma prevalence among 13–14 years old children in West Jakarta in 2008 was 13.1%. There is signifcant statistical correlation between prevalence of asthma and wheeze, atopy, familial asthma history, but not statistically signifcant with history of breastfeeding in early life.

Keywords: asthma prevalence, ISAAC questionnaires, familial history of asthma, breastfeeding.

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