Pengamatan Pasien Tuberkulosis Paru dengan Multi-drug Resistant (TB-MDR) di Poliklinik Paru RSUP Persahabatan

· Lung Infection

Munir SM, Nawas A, Sutoyo DK. J Respir Indones. 2010;30(2);92-104.

Background : Multi-drug resistant with pulmonary tuberculosis (MDR-TB) incidence rise to 2% every year, mean while the prevalence of MDR-TB in the world is 4.3%. the pattern of MDR-TB in Indonesia especially at Persahabatan hospital in 1995-1997 are; Primary resistant 4.6%-5.8% and Secondary resistant 22.95% – 26.07%. The increasing of the prevalence is to be concerned since it is reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy.
Design : Cross sectional study with secondary data from medical record of lung clinic Persahabatan hospital and collecting retrospective data by collecting subject with diagnosis of MDR-TB between January 1st 2005 to December 31th 2007.
Setting : Persahabatan Hospital, Jakarta
Result : From 101 subject with MDR-TB from 16 years old until 70 years old with mean of 37 years old. Most age distribution of MDR-TB patients is 25-34 years old (N 36; 35.6%). Male patient is more than female with number of patients 53 (52.5%). The most case came from East Jakarta (N 50; 49.5%). First treatment for his/her TB was at hospital (N 73;72.3%). Resistant of anti drug tuberculating agent (ATA) was found the most for secondary resistant (N 78; 77.2%) and resistant for Rifampycin and Isoniazid was also found the most for ATA (N 51; 50.5%). MDR-TB patient that were treat at lung TB is 93 (92.1%). Periode of treatment of MDRTB at Persahabatan hospital is more than 18 month with the patient number of 36 (38.7%). The outcome of treatment is drop-out patient (N 32; 31.6%) and failure treatment is 26 (25.7%). The result of this study for complete treatment, MDR-TB in treatment, finish and cured are 11 (11.8%), 16 (15.9%), 6 (6.5%) and 2 (2.1%) consecutively.
Conclusion : Multi-drug resistant with tuberculosis management were not available with guideline multi-drug resistant WHO 2008 about the regiment, doses and period of treatment affect the numbers so that curing patients.

Keywords : Tuberculosis, multi-drug resistant with pulmonary tuberculosis, multidrug resistance tuberculosis, tuberkulosis, tb, mdr, mdr tb

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