Prevalens Asma Pada Siswa Usia 13-14 Tahun Dengan Menggunakan Kuesionor ISSAAC dan Uji Provokasi Bronkus di Jakarta Selatan

· Asthma

Fitriani F, Yunus F, Rasmin M. J Respir Indones. 2011;31(2):81-9.

Background: Prevalence of asthma in children in Indonesia varies from 2.1% to 32.2% depends on location of the study (urban vs rural), and method of study (questionnaire vs bronchoprovodation testing). However, the prevalence of asthma in children in suburb of Jakarta- relatively less airway pollution were unknown. This
study using the ISAAC (International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood) written questionnaire and hypertonic saline challenge test to assess bronchial hyperreactivity to measure asthma prevalence in 13-14 years old students in suburb of Jakarta.
Methods: The ISAAC questionnaire were distributed randomly to 10 Junior High Schools in South Jakarta, and informed consent were taken before the procedure. To assess bronchial hypereactivity, 4.5% hypertonic saline solution challenge test were performed after the students fill the questionnaires. Hypertonic saline was nebulized using a jet nebulizer and administered for 0.5, 1, 2, 4 and 8 minutes until a decrease of FEV1= 20% was achieved in relation to the baseline value as described elsewhere
Result: Of 2003 subjects age 13-14 years old in Jakarta after randomized were submitting the ISAAC questioner, and the prevalence of asthma was 6.4%. After rerandomized from 2003 subject, 202 subject were participated to asses bronchial hyperreactivity test, 32 subjects (15.8%) were positive to the hypertonic saline bronchial challenge test. The sensitivity and specificity of the test were 78.1% and 87.6%, respectively.
Conclusion: The prevalence of asthma was 6.4%. Bronchial hyperreactivity test with hypertonic saline presents procedure that requires very little equipment, it is a useful means of assessing hyperresponsiveness in children and adolescents.

Keyword: Asthma prevalence, Hipertonic saline, Bronchial hyperreactivity test, ISAAC questionnaire

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