Comparison of Serum Testosterone and Growth Hormone in Stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients


Fachri M, Yunus F, Wiyono WH, Kekalih A. J Respir Indo.2012;32(4):208-17.


Introduction: There is a correlation between the disturbance of endocrine glands and muscular weakness in COPD patients. Two hormones assumed to be affected are growth hormone and testosterone hormone.
Methods: In observational case control study, we collected data consecutively from stable COPD patients group and healthy people group. Data was collected during June 2009-July 2010 in Persahabatan Hospital. We examined serum IGF-1 and testosterone using ELISA test
Results: There were 28 stable COPD patients as case group and 28 normal subjects as control. The characteristic of age, sex and body mass index between groups were comparable. Serum testosterone hormone level median in stable COPD patients was 575 (170-1600) ng/dL and relatively higher than in the control group: 520 (210-2010) ng/dL. IGF-1 level mean in stable COPD was 98±27ng/mL and relatively lower than in control group: 109±37 ng/mL. However, the differences were not statistically significant.
Conclusion: Previous studies have found a decreasing trend of growth hormone/IGF-1 and increasing testosterone level in maleCOPD patients compared to healthy person of the same age, though the differences were insignificant. This study supports the evidence that changes of growth hormone and testosterone in male COPD patients is not relevant, nevertheless the controversy remains.

Keywords: COPD, growth hormone, IGF-1, testosterone.

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