Effect of Omega 3 Fatty Acids to Procalcitonin Concentration and Survival of Clinical Community Pneumonia Patient

· Biomolecular, Lung Infection

Susanto Eko Prasetyo,1 Reviono,2 Suradi2
1 Mahasiswa Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis I Pulmonologi dan Kedokteran Respirasi, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta
2 Staff Pengajar Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis I Pulmonologi dan Kedokteran Respirasi, Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta

Background: Diagnosis of pneumonia will be fast if using biomarkers such as procalcitonin. The main objective treatment of pneumonia to achieve clinical improvement especially with antibiotics. Additional supplementation therapy as proposed for example using Omega 3 fatty acid (FA) to improve survival. This study aimed to determine the effect of omega-3 FA on levels of procalcitonin and long achievement of clinical improvement in patients with community pneumonia.
Methods: Clinical trials with quasy Experimental methods in pretest and posttest. The subject is a community pneumonia patients undergoing treatment in hospitals Dr. Moewardi Surakarta August – November 2015 purposively sampling with 30 patients, 15 patients in treatment group (given Omega 3 FA) and 15 patients as a control group (only empiric therapy).
Results: Treatment of Omega 3 FA can significantly reduce levels of procalcitonin (decrease=5.03±15.63; p = 0.004) patients with pneumonia. Even so the final value of biomarkers in these patients was not statistically significant from the final value in patients who were only given empiric therapy (procalcitonin= 0.40±0.64 of treatment group and 0.54±1.36 of control group). Giving Omega 3 FA did not significantly affect the achievement of clinical improvement (4.40±0.63 days and 4.40±0.99 days; p = 0.965). Decreased levels of procalcitonin (p = 0.778) was not significantly correlated with clinical improvement long achievement.
Conclusion: Treatment of Omega 3 FA shown to lower levels of procalcitonin and accelerate the achievement of the long clinical improvement. But when compared with empiric therapy only difference this reduction was not statistically significant. (J Respir Indo. 2016; 36: 138-46)

Keywords: Omega 3 Fatty Acid, procalcitonin, Community Pneumonia

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