Correlation Between The Degree of Breathlessness According to Modified Medical Research Council Scale (MMRC scale) with The Degree of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

· COPD, Lung Function

Anwar D, Chan Y, Basyar M. J Respir Indo. 2012;32(4):200-7.


Background: Although spirometry should be undertaken in all patients who may have COPD, in many areas practitioners lack access to spirometry. MMRC scale questionnaire can be used to assess the breathlessness. The aim of this study was determine the association between the degree of breathlessness according to MMRC scale questionnaire and the degree of COPD.
Methods: Cross sectional in 50 stable patiens with COPD. Patients rated dyspnea with MMRC scale questionnaire and then performed lung function test.
Results: Mild dyspnea correlate with stage II COPD, moderate dyspnea correlate with stage III COPD and severe dyspnea correlate with stage IV COPD. COPD patients with degree 0 have median FEV1 74.7 ± 3.0%, COPD patients with degree 1 have median FEV1 1 62.9 ± 13.0%, COPD patients with degree 2 have median FEV1 42.2 ± 5.0%, COPD patients with degree 3 have median FEV1 27.3 ± 1 1 4.0%.
Conclusion: The higher the degree of dyspnea according to MMRC scale questionnaire, the higher the stage of COPD and the lower the FEV1.
Keywords: MMRC scale questionnaire, dyspnea, COPD stage, FEV1

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