Analisis Hasil Spirometri Karyawan PT X yang Terpajan Debu di Area Penambangan dan Pemrosesan Nikel


Baharuddin S, Roestam AW, Yunus F, Ikhsan M, Kekalih A. J Respir Indones. 2010;30(1).

Scope and methodology
Spirometry is designed to identify and quantify functional abnormalities of the respiratory system. Exposure of occupational inhalants can result in irritant, fibrotic, allergic, infectious, carcinogenic, and systemic effects to human. Some irritants produce no systemic effect because the irritant response is much greater than any systemic effect, while some also have significant systemic effects following absorption. Mineral dust exposure is associated with chronic obstructive airway process, which might be mediated by dust-induced fibrosis in the small airways. On the other hand, cigarette smoke plays a principal role in the inflammation process and the pathogenesis of COPD. Spirometry results of the PT X employees who were exposed by dust in nickel mining and processing area which are devided to Plant Site area (assumed higher dust exposure) and beyond Plant Site area (assumed lower dust exposure) are analyzed in this cross sectional study, using comparative analysis method to 334 male employees’ medical check-up record.

Result and conclusion
In this study, blue collar workers group is predominant by 67,0 % of total sample, while white collar group and mixed group contribute 18,9 % and 14,1 %, respectively. Overall, prevalence of abnormal spirometry result (restrictive+obstructive) was 34,12 %. By using bivariate and multivariate analysis consecutively, it was found that risk factors presumably play important role in obstructive and restrictive lung function disorders are the following variables : age>50 years, smoking habit, no sport activities, BMI> 30,0, presence of respiratoric clinical symptoms, and length of employment >20 years. This study concluded that of all these variables, none of them has a statistically significant association to lung function disorders.

Keywords : spirometry, dust, smoke, worker’s lung, paru kerja, lung function test, faal paru, spirometri

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