Tuberculosis – HIV Coinfection Profile in Dr. Moewardi Hospital Surakarta Year 2010-2011

· Lung Infection

Surjanto E, Sutanto YS, Reviono, Harsini, Marsabessy QL. J Respir Indones. 2012;32(2):85-8.


Introduction: Tuberculosis is the commonest opportunistic infection in human immunodefisiency virus (HIV) patients. Aim this study was to describe TB-HIV coinfection patients among TB patients according to clinical symptoms, acid fast bacili, chest radiography.
Methods: Descriptive study from medical record of 37 TB-HIV coinfection patients in Dr.Moewardi Hospital Surakarta in January 1st 2010 – Juli 30th 2011.
Results: Of 37 TB-HIV coinfection patiens, average age is 20-40 year. Smears positive acid fast bacili were found on 5 patients (13,51%). The most common clinical symptom is cough (86,48%). Radiological features show fibroinfiltrate on 13 patients (35,13%).
Conclusions : Commonest chief complain is cough, smears positive were found in 10,81% patients, common radiological feature is fibroinfiltrate (35,13%)

Key words : TB-HIV coinfection

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