Prevalence of Asthma Amongst 13 – 14 Years Old Student in Jakarta Using ISAAC Questionnaire

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Yunus F, Rasmin M, Sutoyo DK, Wiyono WH, Antariksa B, Fitriani F, et al. J Respir Indones. 2011;31(4):176-80.


Introduction: Prevalence of asthma in children in Indonesia varies from 2.1% to 32.2% depends on location of the study and method of study (questionnaire vs bronchoprovocation testing). This study using the ISAAC (International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood) written questionnaire to measure asthma prevalence in 13-14 years old students in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Methods: The ISAAC questionnaire were distributed randomly in 2008 at 71 Junior High Schools in Jakarta. Informed consent were taken before the procedure. The result will be compare with the data of The ISAAC questionnaire were distributed randomly in 2001 at 57 junior high schools in Jakarta.
Result: There were 10275 students in 2008 and 2234 Junior high school student in 2001, age 13-14 years old in Jakarta were submitting the ISAAC questionnaire. There was a increase in prevalence of asthma from 11.5% in 2001 to 12.2% in 2008. The prevalence of rhinitis increase from 10.6% in 2001 to 28.2% in 2008 and prevalence of eczema also increase from 2.9% in 2001 to 4.23% in 2008.
Conclusion: There has been increase in prevalence of asthma, rhinitis and eczema in Jakarta student.

Key words: Asthma, ISAAC questionnaire, student questionnaire

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