The Impact of Smoking in Pregnancy and Neonatal, Persahabatan Hospital Experience (Preliminary Study)

· Tobacco Control

Sita Andarini, Prasetyo Hariadi, Yuyun Lisnawati, Agus Dwi Susanto, Tjatur Kuat Sagoro

Background : Smoking related with low birth weight already described elsewhere. The impact of smoking in pregnancy has not been studied in Indonesia. This is the preliminary study to describe the smoking behavior in pregnancy in Indonesia.
Methods : Cross sectional study on 33 pregnant subjects who signed the informed consent, during their delivery process in Obstetric Department Persahabatan Hospital. Thirty three subjects were evaluated for demographic data, history of smoking, neonatal birth weight, length, and placental weight.
Results : Within 33 subjects, 11 were smokers (AS), 11 were passive smokers (PS- husband and other family members are active smokers), and 11 were nonsmoker (NS) with nonsmoking husband/family member. There were no statistically different in the age, body mass index or hemoglobin concentration within 3 groups. Interestingly, there were statistically significant different in neonatal birth weight between AS (2263.6gpm185.9) and PS (2663.6gpm188.9) vs NS (3295.5pm64.4; p<0.01). The neonatal height were also different between AS and PS vs NS.
Conclusion : Preliminary study showed the decrease of birth weight, weight of placenta, and height of neonatal in active/passive smokers mother as compared to non smoker. Further studies were needed to evaluate the impact of smoking in larger subjects, to evaluate the necessity of nicotine measurement in pregnant mother, and to evaluate, whether the decrease of birth weight is due to inflammation related to smoking. (J Respir Indo. 2013; 33:179-82)

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