Faktor Risiko Dominan Kejadian Pneumonia Pada Balita

· Lung Infection

Nurjazuli, Widyaningtyas R. J Respir Indones. 2009;29(2).

Background: Based on Health Profile of Kebumen 2006, pneumonia placed the third on the biggest ten of diseases pattern in public health centers with 5.263 cases. It also placed the sixth of death on children under five years. The work area of public health center of Kebumen were a part of Kebumen district had a high cases of pneumonia (7,7%). Those cases might be related to the condition of physical environment of the house.
Objective: Therefore, this research aimed to analyze of the physical environment of the house in relation to the occurrence of pneumonia on children under five years.
Method: It was an observational research using case control design. The subjects were divided into two groups: case and control group with 68 subjects on each group. The variables studied in this research was the physical environment of house and the occurrence of pneumonia on childrens under five years. It was used interview and observation on collecting data. The data would be analyzed using logistic regression techniques.
Results: This research showed that ventilation area, mother’s knowledge, and kind of house ware the domonant risk factors in relation to the occurrence of pneumonia on children under five years with the each Odds Ratio of 33,008; 31,295; and 13,530.
Conclusion: This research concluded that it was necessary to improve the floor and wall of the house in other to be a permanent house. Beside that, it was important to increase mother’s knowledge in mastering the two danger signs of pneumonia.

Keywords : Pneumonia on children, the physical environment of house, pneumonia, pediatric, paediatric, kebumen, radang paru, parenting, orangtua

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