Faktor Faktor Yang Berhubungan Dengan Penyakit Asma Pada Usia ≥ 10 Tahun Di Indonesia (Analisis Data Riskesdas 2007)

· Asthma

Sihombing M, Alwi Q, Nainggolan O. J Respir Indones. 2010;30(2):85-91.

Backgrounds: Asthma is one of respiratory diseases due to genetic and human health. Asthma might be suffered by all age and sex. It is assumed that asthma is increased in many countries including Indonesia.
Objective: The objective of this analysis (data Riskesdas 2007) is to get information of asthma prevalence and to identify factors which have relationship with asthma = 10 years old.
Methods: The design of Riskesdas ( National Health Research) is Cross- Sectional study with survey method in 33 provinces in Indonesia. Independent variables are characteristic (settlement, sex, age, education level, occupational and BMI), behaviors (smoking, food preservative consumption, MSG consumption) and economic level. Data is analyzed by the methods of univariate, bivariate and multivariate.
Results: The result of analysis shows that asthma prevalence in Indonesia = 10 years old is 3,6%. Factors which have relationship with asthma are settlement ‘villages’ (OR=1,18; 95% CI 1,11-1,24), age = 60 years old (OR=3,66; 95% CI 3,35-3,99), education level ‘never’ (OR=1,86; 95% CI 1,64-2,13), unemployment (OR=1,23; 95% CI 1,13-1,35), BMI ‘thin’ (OR=1,45; 95% CI 1,39-1,51), ex smoking (OR=2,12; 95% CI 1,98-2,27), less physical activity (OR=1,13; 95% CI 1,08-1,18), food preservative consumption “often” (OR=1,12; 95% CI 1,06-1,19) and low economic status (OR=1,09; 95% CI 1,05-1,14).

Keywords: asthma, risk factors, prevalence, asma, late childhood, riskesdas, riset kesehatan dasar, riskesdas 2007, riset kesehatan dasar 2007

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