Correlation of Sputum Macrophage and Neutrophil with COPD Assessment Test (CAT)

· COPD, Lung Function, Lung Infection

Wijaya o, Sartono TR, Djajalaksana S, Maharani A

J Respir Indo.2012; 32(4):240-9

Introduction: The abnormality of COPD is caused by long standing inflammatory response, imbalance of proteinases and anti proteinases and increased oxidative stress in the airway. Increased airway inflammation will accelerate the decline in lung function and impair quality of life. This study aims to determine the level of sputum macrophage and neutrophil and their correlation with lung function and quality of life.
Methods: In this cross sectional study, sputum samples were obtained from 40 COPD patients that we divided into 5 groups, stable COPD patient stage I, II, III, IV and COPD acute exacerbation patient. Different cell count for macrophage and neutrophil were measured. All subjects had to perform spirometry and complete CAT questionnaire.
Result: Increased percentage of sputum macrophage and neutrophil count in subjects were associated with stage of the disease(p=0.000 for macrophage and p=0.048 for neutrophil), low FEV1 (p=0.000 and p=0.029) and high CAT score (p=0.000 and p=0.260)
Conclusion: Quality of life of COPD patient is correlated with sputum macrophage, neutrophil and lung function.

Keywords : Sputum macrophage, sputum neutrophil, FEV1 , CAT score, COPD.

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